Here you will find my work from the minor in writing gateway course, and more.


Hello! I'm glad you could join me on the journey of creating a personal website and exploring myself as a writer. I am a junior at the University of Michigan interested in a little bit of everything (Communications, Writing, and the sociology minor Law, Justice and Social Change, to be exact) and find happiness in all things outdoors, dog-related, or to be found within the pages of a book. You can also learn about me within my "Why I Write" piece as I explore my intertwined identity as both a reader and a writer.  Please, feel free to peruse!


Now that you have stumbled across this page, you should know its purpose. Here, you can see testimony to my participation in the University's minor in writing program, where I have compiled my work in the gateway course along with a little bit more.  This has grown from a challenge to take a piece of previous writing and repurpose and then remediate it to a thought-out process on why I write and how my final product came to be. Scroll down to see more of that below!